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Hi people! This is where the winners of the contest are posted. Remember we got sent in millions of hippie animals, stories, and drawings so don't be too upset if you don't win. Also, keep checking in daily; or even hour-ly (maybe even minute-ly!!!)  because we got so many that we don't have time to add them all at once! You never know, you and your adorable little pet could be here tomorrow... or the next day, or the next day, or the next... sorry, am I overwhelming you?!?

                                   -Hippie Poodle-

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sent in by Mary B. in Minnisota~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hi! My name is Mary B. I am 12 years old and this is my pet poodle Pinky! I am not in this picture because I am taking it but you can kinda see my mom in it. It was for a show-and-tell thing. Well, actually, it was a Halloween assignment for my class.  I was gonna be a hippie, so I did Pinky like a hippie! Like it?

                                                                                   -Mary B.

                               -Hippie Dog-

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sent in by Jeff S. in California~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Peace! My name is Jeff S. and I am 10 years old. This is my pet Buddy. There is two reasons I dresses Buddy up.

1. I am a hippie fan and Wannabe! I LOVE HIPPIES!

2. We were in a parade... WE WON!

                                                         Do you like Buddy?



                              -Hippie Penguin-

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sent in by Marissa E. in Maryland~~~~~~~~~~~

Hi! i know this isn't a real alive hippie animal, but in school we were givin' an assignment. The assignment was to draw a hippie animal; any hippie animal we wanted! I decided I wanted to to a penguin because they are my absolute favorite animal! You dont have to chose me as a winner, I just wanted to show you my Drawing! I hope you like it! 

                                             -Marissa E.

                        -Hippie Weiner Dog-

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sent in by Alex F. In Oregon~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hi! My name is Alex and I am 14 years old. I am a hippie wanna-be. This is my dog Disco. I dress Disco like this everyday because he likes hippies too. Not only does he like hippies, but he is a hippie himself. I hope you like him!

                                                        -Alex and Disco


                               -Hippie Cow-

Grandpa Jerry in Texas

Greetings everybody. My name is Grandpa Jerry, Grandpa J; for short. This is my cow Bessy. I put a differant mark on every cow, each mark and cow with its own story. The reason I put a peace sign on Bessy was because one day I gave a hippie and his entire starving family a free meal at my resterant, and in return he gave me Bessy. So, in honor of the kind hippie and his family I put this mark on her. I hope you like her.

Don't ask why the family was starving when they had a cow named Bessy they could eat. They could prolly just kill Bess Bess and eat her.. no that's too un-hippie like. Horrible. Good thing they didn't eat her!

                                                                -Grandpa J.

                               -Hippie Horse-

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sent in by Maredith P. in Canada~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Yes, people in Canada read our site...)

Hi! My name is Maredith and this is my horse and best friend Yoko. I dressed Yoko up for... GUESS WHAT???? YOUR CONTEST!!!! I hope you like her!

                       -P.S. Sorry I didn't put my age... there wasn't enough space...


                             -Hippie Mouse-

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sent in by Chance in France~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hi! My name is Chance and I am seven years old. This is a drawing my older brother drew, but he was to shy to send it in! I named the mouse Fredly because thats my favorite name. Thats what I'm gonna name my daughter. Ya! I hope you LOVE Fredly... because I do! )(Hey, I might even marry her!)


                                   -Hippie Cat-

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sent in by Renee' Z. in Idaho~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hi! My name is Renee. This is my cat Nanner. I dressed her up because I like cheese. See ya!


               -Hippie Llama-

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sent in by Sallie M. in Georgia~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hello. My name is Sallie. This is my hippie llama Dolly. She is a real life hippie - but she's a llama! When I heard about your website and read the contest, I knew that Dolly would be perfect for it!


-Hippie Doggies-

~~~~~~~~~~ Sent in by James R. and Sydney R.~~~~~~~~~~

 These are our two dogs, Alex, the little boy puppy, and Grace, the older one. (Grace is the mom, and Alex is the baby). We dressed them up like this for a Hippie party our neighbors were holding. Everyone loved their silly outfits! And we hope you do too!

- James and Sydney R.

                                    -Hippie Rufos-

~~~~~~~~~~~~Sent in by Sabrina L. from Oregon~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hi! I'm Sabrina L. and this is my pup named Rufos! (P.S. im 14)I got this photo taken profesionally, so it could be special! I absolutely love him! (I made the "shawl" myself!) Hope you like his hippie-ness!

- Sabrina L.

We hope you liked them! Those were our top 11, (We know, 11 is a weird number. We were originally only going to have 10, but we had to pick 11.) Below are the rest of the pics we got! We thank all the participants for... well... participating in our contest! THANKS!!!!

Sent in by Charlie-lee, (?????) from Canada, age 52 and 1/3.

Uhhhhhh this isn't my dog it's my neighbors dog named Steeve Steeve is cool I like typing sentences with no periods it's so LOL plus Steeve's hippie glasses rock and I love Hippies and Kat & Ash's website it's cool it's great my friends love your website too Steeve is wearing this outfit because he wanted too i have to go bye

- Charlie-lee age 52 and 1/3

Sent in by Haily-Harley-Hammy in Hawaii (age 19)

Hi Kat and Ash! I am a total fan of your website!  I dodn't know what the hey that dumb frog is doing. No, it's not mine. I found that pic online... I have a question for you Kat and Ash! Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm oops I forgot it! O well!

                              Call Me! #5048-696-uorewertrtryewdcrfrtryeryeugfdfxcvcgftrtewrewtertyrtycvbfgfgdg-9876-gsdhglshdfjhruityfhhjdhfkj-90809876776i87694865782374b 5634593457356985-90845984-5787t34987689546754767 (sorry my # is sooooooooo long) 

Sent is by Ashley-Lee-Leland Leeberry in Leeworth Idaho age 499 (Sorry people thats what she said?!?!) 

Hi Kat and Ash! I am 499 years old! And so is that dinner item! YUMMY! Oh, did I tell you that I am 499? Oh ok I will then! I am 499 years old! YAYYYYYYYYYY! Next year when I turn 5009088678387468758 then I can finally eat that yummy dish I've been saving! yayyyyyyy! I think it might be sorta moldy..... O WELL! The moldy-er the better! YUMMM! Guess what!? I AM 499! YAY! I am better than most cows! Thats what I say in the bathtub! YAY ME! I amm 499! YAY! I am 499! WOO-HOO! YAY!  YYYYYYYAAAAYYYYY! That dish isn't vegitarian like my pet cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   !!yum!!

                               See you at tea time friends! -Ashley-Lee-Leland Leeberry (in Leeworth Idaho!)

                             P.S. IM 499!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sent in by Mary Peabody! (We have no more info, sorry!)

Hi *long pause for dramatic effect* .................................. I am Mary Peabody! (Talks in high-pitch English acccent) I know this isn't hippie-ish, but I am a person who beleives in love not HATE! I HATE people who hate!

                                  Oh my! It's time for tea-time for me now! Tootles! -Mary P.

Sent in by Herbert from the Retirement home at the whopin' age of 99

Hello all. As you all know; my name is Herbert and... "What was that a Maradeth? No! I want chicken tasting play-doe not candy!"  umm where was I? Oh this is my hippie-ish dod named pookey-poop. I named him that because... "What? NO! I'm sending in Pookey-poop to some dumb old hippie contest! What? Pookey-poop isn't in a hippie outfit? You ding dong! They should send you to a retirement home! What? You are? Thats why your here? Oh umm..... Well... oh well! I think your wrong so I'll send it!"


P.S. Please leave this text the color BLACK! Thats my fave-ish color!

 Sent in by Jausilen W. from Nashville, Tennessee!

Howdy! Jk, hi. (I'M YOUR BIGGEST FAN EVER!!!!!) As you know, my name is Jausilen, and this is my parrot, Ruby. She's really funny, and so LOL. I dressed her up like this for an aniImal parade in my hometown. I WON!!! 1st PLACE!!!!!!!! So awesome, huh? Below will be the pic of the trophy.  I'm 15, and Ruby is 3 years old. Did i tell you im your biggest fan EVER!!!!!!!!!??? I love her sooooooooooo much! Hope you pick me as your top 11! If you don't, thats fine! I understand, like, a lot.I'm your biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And i hope you guys get some really cool pics sent in, too. I luv you  Kat & Ash! From your BIGGEST fan in the whole wide world, jausilen =^ ) 

Jausilen's cute trophy.

Ok, Jausilen here. It has a cat on it because they couldnt put, like, all the animals in the world, could they?! It's kinda, like, mean how they assumed the winner's pet was going to be a cat, though. Oh well. Ruby is the best! See ya!

P.S. I got a $100 gift card thingy with it and BELOW BELOW will be a pic of the cool things i got for my room with the $!!!



Isn't it cute? Like it?!!!!??!??

Sent in from Megan from Arizona - age 11
















Don't ask!



$@$h@ Text Lingo (Umm... I'm guessing it's suppose to be Sasha? And her last name is text lingo???) age 14

Lyke OMGZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tis is mi byrd mimo! ily her so much! ill <3 her 4eva! + she is da best bird eva! 2nite im gona take her 2 the park & play w/ her and my lil sis! ROTFLOL! AFAIK (4 those hoo dont no wat AFAIK means... it means as far as i know.) she will win evry contest i put her in! she has np dresin up. she is a model byrd natural. b4 i go i g2 say dis: uguysrock! ily k and a! ttml (talk 2 me later) & reply bac 2 me! u guys r the koolest eva!  ill talk 2 u asap, guys! i am ur biggest fan eva! THANQ 4 being such kewl role models! & fyi i want ur autographs! hope u have a gr8 nite! ttyl l8r - _~$@$h@~_