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Thanks for believing in us, our dear Hippie Believers! I think I've found a way to click your answers on the computer. Yeaaah Boy. It's the quiz below. Love with all my Hippie Heart,

Kat.(: - 2006.

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Hippie Quiz

This is the ultimate Hippie Quiz!!!!!!!!!
  1. If you were a Hippie, what would your favorite color be?

  2. Red. It's a cool color, right?
    Black. I. Am. Emo.
    Erm... dur... what's a color? (oh please!)
    I couldn't just choose one. It would have to be rainbow because Hippie's love rainbows!

  3. If you had to choose the BEST Hippie outfit to wear to the Hippie Spring Fling, waht would it be?

  4. A ball gown. I'm Cinderella!!!!!!!!
    A clown suit. I'm known to be the King of Jokes at my school!
    Beads in your hair, bell bottom jeans, a funky shirt, and a colorful vest to top it off!
    Vampire costume. I. Am. Still. Emo.

  5. What would you want to rule the world?

  6. World domination. I would want my ancestors to rule the world. I. Will. Remain. Emo.
    The Hippies would rule the world! Well, not in the bad way. Love would be everywhere!
    Cheese would be in control. It just would.
    Fairy Tales would come true and my Fairy Godmother would zap you away and I would rule! Mwa ha ha!

  7. What is your all time fave food?

  8. PEAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hippie's love peas, and I am a Hippie!
    Black Licorice. It's black so what the hay.
    Cookies and tea! It is a reminder of the good old days!
    Peanut butter. YUMMMMY!

  9. Final question: Did. You. Enjoy. This. Quiz???

  10. YES! A MILLION TIMES YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It wasn't bad. But so not the best.
    I would say.... NO!
    Yes. No. Maybe so.....?

Now let's see what you get! And you can see what others get, too!

On polls and quizzes, it won't let you click on the computer, so you can do it in your head, or write it down. Sorry, we want it on the computer as much as you do! We'll keep trying!

If you were a hippie, would you hug trees?

a.Uhhh.... Duh! Trees rule!

b. Umm no. I dislike trees and hippies are weird.

c. This is impossible to answer.

d. Well, I might, but I might get splinters so no.

e. It totally depends on what TYPE of tree it is! If it was a palm or douglas fir, it's WAY outta the question!


~Strawberry Smoothie~

                                                                              -Strawberry Smoothie-
Strawberries are good source of vitamins and nutritional value. These are things that stress can deprive us of and drinking fruit smoothies containing strawberries can help replenish us and keep us healthy, and hippie-ish! (Seriously!)


2 1/2 cups strawberries

1/2 cup strawberry nectar

1 pitted peach

1 cup low-fat (or high-fat) plain yogurt or strawberry yogurt if you don’t have the nectar.

2 cups ice

Directions: Blend all ingredients together. Sip slowly, remember your a hippie... enjoy!



~Cranberry-Apple-Limeade Smoothie~

Cranberry-Apple Limeade Smoothie Feel free to add more lime sherbert if you want your smoothie sweeter or thicker. Can you ever have too much lime sherbert?


2 cups cran-apple juice

1 1/2 cups of limeade

1/4 cup lime juice

2 scoops lime sherbert 1 cup ice

Blend and really enjoy.

~Purple Cow Smoothie~

Purple Cow Smoothie (Grape) Sometimes it can be tough to find good grapes, especially during the winter months in Viriginia, so using grape concentrate in place of grapes is a good idea for a grape smoothie recipe.


2 cups vanilla ice cream (that’s the cow part)

8 tbs. frozen grape juice concentrate (I like Welch’s and this is the purple part)

1 cup of milk (also the cow part)

1 cup of ice (the unknown part)

Blend and enjoy! Note: Because of the bright purple, this smoothie is for HIPPIE'S OR HIPPIE LOVERS ONLY!

If you decided to become a hippie, which would be super cool, would you still watch some of your favorite shows that aren't hippie-ish?

a. Of course. I can't live without them :)                                                               

b. haha, nope.                                                   

c. What is a show? I don't get it!                                                               

d nope. I would stick to all the hippie rules because I am a good person!         


The Grand Hippie Ages were the most well known ages around, but what if it had never existed? You would:

a. Run under the bed and cry. You just can't believe it!

b. Jump with glee. ''Ha ha!'' you say.You hate hippies.

c. Uhh... what is the Hippie age? (Read page 1, All About Hippies, to find out.)

d. This is only possible with a mathmatical explanation. You would use e=mc2 divided 46 carry the 3 subtract pi to the power of 5 multply the least common denominator of 5.43 and then do the order of operation, you get.. wait, you don't know.

WOW! Huge sale at a Hippie clothing store! So many colors! And 50% off, you can't get much better! You:

a. Buy everything in sight! And over 30 hippie items for about 100$, it's a good bargain.

b. Once again, you just can't STAND hippies and their high society of living.

c. Okay, for one, what is a hippie and what do they wear? Haha, seriously?

d. This IS possible, but i'm not wasteing my time on some random Hippie question.

e. All of the above.

(If you answered "c." click "All about Hippies" above on the VERY top and read it. We'll tell evrything about everything to know about Hippies.. and Stuff!)

You're at Summer Camp, but then you notice that all the other campers are HIPPIES. "Oh geez!" you think. You have no hippie outfits and you'll be the only loser. You:

a. Came this way on pourpose. You don't want to be like some critter that just had a box of crayons thrown up on it!

b. See if they can help you make a tye-dye shirt in Free Hour. That way, you'll be in.

c. Never been to a summer camp, never will.

d. Where would we get the supplies? And would we get in trouble? What if we were kicked out? Oh No, my mom would be furious! And what if, what if they were MEAN!

You just got new neighbors! You decided to be nice a make a good empression for your neighborhood, so you made cookies. But when you enter the door, they're HIPPIES. You:

a. Shake hands.. you're a Hippie too!

b. Drop the plate and run all the way down the street.

c. Don't do anything. You're not nice and you don't make cookies.

d. Tell about yourself the whole time and don't even listen to what they have to say.

You're in a hippie concert, and you're waving carrots in the air. Soon, police people snatch your wonderful vegetables away! You:

a. Hit them with a rake. They're MEANIES!

b.Uhhh... your definitely not a hippie and are allergic to carrots.

c. CRY CRY CRY!!! It was the only thing in your life that had MEANING!

d. You despise concerts.

e. Yell at them and kick them in the shins. "TAKE THAT!" you yell! Funny, huh? But then you go to jail.

(If you answered a., c., and/or e., you are in! (The Hippie Club, of course!) But if you picked b., or c.,...... you suck.)

Oh my hippie, a new Dictionary came out, and it's HIPPIE ADDITION! Holy lava lamps! This is so cool, you just have to buy it, but your friends think you're stupid. You:

a. Get it! Wowzy carrots! It's so cool. And with the meaning of EVERY hippie word alive, you absolutly LOVE IT!

b. "Oh my HIPPIE?" How more dumb and cheesey can you get. (Still mumbleing, but walking away) Hippie? I could've done better then that!...

c. Well, my mother does not allow me to read... or breath... or sleep... So, I better not... Well........

d. I'd rather eat a pizza with 28 trantulas on it, and I would NEVER do that!

It's National hippie day! Yay! On this day, once a year, hippie fans go door to door telling people about hippies. None of your friends are doing it though, :( ,  what do you do?

a.  Go out there and do it! You don't care what people think of you, your standing up for whats right, hippies of course!

b.  You don't want your friends to think your weird, so you stay home and watch spongebob instead!

c. You don't beleive in hippies, you think they're a myth.

d. You decide to turn National hippie day into National Hot Dog day! :) So, you go outside and wave hot dogs in the air. Then, you get arrested... :(

If you could go back to the Grand Hippie ages would you? (If you do, don't forget carrots!)

a. "Duh!" you say as you run to the refrigerator to get some carrots.

b. Umm I'm not sure, I'd rather go see Elvis! Now HE was cool!

c. I'D rather go bake in time to see Fred Flinstone! He was better then hippies AND Elvis!

d. Umm, I like it right where I am at! And hippies are poop eating, gunk breathing, smelly losers!  

Your neighbors invite you to dinner! Hurray! you think. But they're serving PEAS! You:

 a. Eat them.

b. I hate peas, neighbors, and mostly HIPPIES!

c. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

d. Yawn. That's soooooooo boring! I like watching crime fighting shows better. (NOOOO!!!!!!! That's un-hippie-ish! DDDDOOOONNNN"""TT)

e. Eat the peas, grin and bear it! Wait... don't grin; there's some pea stuck between your teeth!

f.You say your allergic to peas... hoping they'll beleive you!?!?

g. Pretend you have a cough and cough in your napkin (your really spitting your peas out; good plan... so you think... do you think your neighbors will enjoy finding a napkin filled with chewed up peas? If they weren't hippies, they would probably KILL YOU!)



Btw (For those who are not as smart as... well... ME btw means by the way!) look below for an awesome pea recipe!

-Steamed Snow Peas-



2.1/3 lb. fresh snow peas

100lb. FRESH right out of the garden ~~~Love~~~
Place an empty self adjusting steamer basket in a saucepan. Add enough water to almost touch bottom of basket. Remove basket and bring water to boiling. Place snow peas in steamer and place in saucepan over boiling water, making sure water does not touch basket. Cover with a tight fitting lid; steam peas for 3-5 minutes or until just crisp-tender. Makes 4 servings.
NOTE: MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT "CUSS" (Sorry, that's not a very polite hippie word. Let's use "Be mean"), YELL, OR USE ANY SHARP TONES WHILE PREPARING THE PEAS; VERY IMPORTANT!!! Also  make sure you make enough to distribute to ALL your neighbors, OR ELSE!!! Oh, sorry,one more thing; make sure you are very kind to the peas, this is VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!! (AGAIN!)

You have the chance to meet a very famous hippie. But, you also have the chance of going to the movies with all your BHFF's! (Best Hippie Friends Forever) What do YOU do?

a. You go to the movies! Duh! Whenever your by hippie strangers, you start runnung and hiding by your mom. Your doctor thinks your allergic. HIPPIES SCARE YOU!

b. You go see the hippie! Seeing a hippie is a once in a lifetime chance! Your not gonna miss this!!!

c. Umm... what was the question?!?

d. None of the above. You would rather stay home and chill... ahhhhh...

Holy colorful clothing! Fashion Hippie show in YOUR home town; this is where all the hippie models come to show off their rainbow style! "Great!" you yell. You buy 2 tickets. But you then know two of your BHFF'S want to go. That's you + 2 which = 3! You:

a. Rock, Paper, Scissors.  It's the only fair way!

b. Uhhh... you like fashion show, but HATE hippies.

c. Dress up and be IN it! That way, both of your friends can come, and you can enjoy it at the same time!

d. OMGG! The Jonas Brothers are at the bus stop, so FORGET the fashion show!!!

You get invited to a friend that's a hippie's birthday party! Yay! When you go to buy her gift, you see this awesome hippie couch on sale for 42$ (because nobody else wanted it) You deside to buy two, one for her and one for you! But when you ask for another one, the clerk says some random guy dropped it off because he didn't want it. It's not an item in stock. What do you do? 

a. Isn't it obvious? Of course your gonna buy it for YOU!

b. You decide that since it's your friends birthday, you buy it for her! But any other time you'd buy it for you!

c. What was I thinking? You laugh as you check out.  "Since theres only one left, that means everyone else must of got her the same thing so I'll buy it for me and get her a lip gloss!?!"  you think; pretending you didn't hear the clerk say it was the only one they have.

d. You are a good friend, but you can't resist buying it for your self!   

 New!: Horray! It's your 16th birthday! Of course you had a hippie party, (With all of your hippie friends) and your parents say they have a "Surprise" for you in the garage. They open the door, and there sits a new, beautiful VolksWagon! Withhh a rad hippie design. You: 

a. Hit them with your 2 yr. old sisters bike... or even better, your sister herself. (Oh, you hippies out there, please don't get offened by this violence-. haha.) "Freaaaks!" you yell. "How dare you even give me such a hideous piece of junk!"

b. Scream, with joy, and hug them until their faces turn bright, hippie-ish purple. "i love you both sooooooooo much, you'll never have to worry about another cat dying! I'll feed them every time you tell me to.  I'll obey you forever more, and... and... I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!"

c. Are stuned. What the hay are they doing, buying YOU a car? You know your gonna end up in the E R as soon as you take it for a "spin".

d. "Hmmm... Uhhh.... Erm... Cough cough.. I have some paper I have to file!" You yell.


P.S. (even though this is not not a letter...) If you picked answer d, then you are very lame. "I have some papers to file!" I would think YOU could think of something better for instance...err... uhh I'll think of a better excuse for you later... right now I uhh... have some papers to file! So stop nagging! Please!

New!: Oh... my... Hippie. "THE HIPPIE FLAG JUST CAME OUT!" Everyone in your home town is screaming. You run to the closest hippie store. But oh no. Oh no, oh no, oh no. There all gone! And you asked the manager, but theres no more in stock. You:

a. Stare at the manager. "Am I sleep walking? Because I don't remember coming here. I would never in the name of "I hate hippies" haters would ever come here to buy a flag, about HIPPIES!" You yell.

b. Rip the last one out of an old lady's hands. "Mwa ha ha ha ha ha! I've got it now!" You screech, But granny's too good for you. She uses her cane and her Kay-ra-tay (Karate) moves and karate chops you into a bajillion peices.

c. Sigh. Who really cares? You can make some outta your extra fabric at home.

d. Giggle. Why? Because you see a mouse next door at a pet shop, who can TALK TO YOU!